Easy development in Easy Applications

Environment Setup

Easy Applications Environment is a powerful framework based on the latest technologies that will allow you to develop web and mobile applications in a fast and easy way. For the environment to work the developer should have the following programs installed:

Git, NodeJS, Node-Inspector, Bower, MongoDB, Ember-cli, PhantomJS, Java-JRE, Java-JDK, Apache Ant, Cordova, Android-SDK, and some additional basic dependences.

To make the process easier, a setup script for Easy Applications Environment has been developed. Open a terminal and execute:

wget -qO- http://www.bleasy.net/resources/setup.sh | sudo bash

or if you have curl installed:

curl -o- http://www.bleasy.net/resources/setup.sh | sudo bash

This instruction will check all the components that you already have and it will install those that you don't. For a totally empty environment this could mean about 12 GB of your hard disk and the installation could take approximately 30 minutes, so please keep that in mind.

Tips after setup

Use Sublime Text with Handlebars plugin following these steps:

Install the Ember debug plugin.

Control your repositories and code versions with SmartGit. You will need to install "ssh-askpass" package in order to make it work in collaborative development.

Check your REST API with Postman REST Client.

Create a GitLab acount if you want to collaborate or to have remote repositories.

Start developing

When all the components have been installed and configured create a startup-kit template. This is:

Create a server

Once again, to speed up the process, just open a terminal and type:

wget -q http://www.bleasy.net/resources/new_server.sh && bash new_server.sh APPLICATION_NAME && rm new_server.sh

or if you have curl installed:

curl http://www.bleasy.net/resources/new_server.sh -o new_server.sh && bash new_server.sh APPLICATION_NAME && rm new_server.sh

Create a client

Same approach as the server:

wget -q http://www.bleasy.net/resources/new_client.sh && bash new_client.sh APPLICATION_NAME && rm new_client.sh

or if you have curl installed:

curl http://www.bleasy.net/resources/new_client.sh -o new_client.sh && bash new_client.sh APPLICATION_NAME && rm new_client.sh

Overwrite the files when needed.

Connect to a repository

We like working as a team and reviewing each other's work, even our personal projects. For this purpose we have also developed some tools to connect collaborative repositories:

wget -qO- http://www.bleasy.net/resources/connect_app.sh | sudo bash /dev/stdin GIT@REMOTE_REPOSITORY:PROJECT.GIT

or if you have curl installed:

curl -o- http://www.bleasy.net/resources/connect_app.sh | sudo bash /dev/stdin GIT@REMOTE_REPOSITORY:PROJECT.GIT

Develop in an Easy Application project

Now you are ready to develop your own programs or collaborate in others. To do so:


All the generated software and the scripts are under MIT License Copyright (c) 2015 BL Easy Applications